Getting started

GeoCLASS is accessed over the internet using your web browser. It requires a user with a valid license. Contact for information on aquiring a license.

Start GeoCLASS or click the slow connection?
Press the Start GeoCLASS button to go to GeoCLASS. Some of the media requires that you have installed the Flash Player (see Installation below).

Install the following software to use GeoCLASS. This will typically require a user with administrator priveleges.
- Flash Player by Adobe.
For optimal performance, it is recommended that popups are allowed for and that your browser is kept updated.

Minimum system requirements
CPU: Pentium or better
Resolution: 1024x768 or better
Harddisk (temporary folder): 100MB or more
Memory: 1GB or more
Internet connection: Broadband
Operating system: Windows XP or newer
Web browser with Flash Player.

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