UniGEO offers the following solutions.

An interactive e-learning platform with content from petroleum geoscience. (Learn more).

Petroleum Geophysics
A book with contents from the modules in GeoCLASS.

Various within the field of petroleum geoscience.

Conferences and workshops
UniGEO arranges geoscientific conferences on a regular basis. The purpose of these conferences is to connect the bonds between students, scientists and the oil and gas industry.

UniGEO can do geoscientific consultancy. With university-professors and other professionals in the staff we have a strong academical background to take on scientific challenges.
UniGEO has much experience in course management, distance learning and e-learning. We can advice your organization and help you arrange successful courses.

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A geological expedition during the Lofoten seminar, hosted by UniGEO August 2010.

Petroleum Geophysics edition 1, 2010.

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